Friday, 2 October 2009

Flash Doodlings

Quick doodle in flash:

Fafi Copy

A copy of a Fafi painting I did on my wall this summer.

Life drawing

Experimenting with pen and ink.


A collection of all the toys i've painted over a few years. This first one I masked a glow in the dark munny which is was pretty happy with except for a bit of bleeding through the masking.

My collection of bought toys with one of mine:

My first airbrushed toy:

My first ever toy with a bottle of cobra wine my friend bought back from Thailand:

Todd outlined this:

Munny 09

A character painting.

Board's For Niall

For my friend's birthday he asked me to paint a couple of boards he had:

Twin Guitar Pedal 09

My friend Leone who i used to be in a band with and who'll be doing the sound for my film this year makes his own effects pedals for guitars, he has asked me to do some custom paint jobs on them so here is my first attempt:

It's A Lovely Cake

It's A Lovely Cake are two of my friends that run a successful online jewellery shop and also have items in some boutique shops:
"At 'It's A Lovely Cake' there are 2 of us, Mud and Sarah in South Wales, UK. We love making
cute jewellery and are set to branch out into bags and other accessories soon! We aim to make the world lovelier one cake at a time."

Check out their etsy with loads of jewellery for sale: HERE

Here are some drawings and bits i've done for them over a couple of years, I have some more pieces I did for them that i'll upload when i find them.

Halloween 08:

Skate Deck (2008)

Some Really Old Stuff

This is the back cover of a comic I did in my foundation year, my first attempt at photoshop (2005).

This is a page from the same comic called Twin (2005).

The cover to a CD from a band I was in, my first time using acrylic inks(05):

A commissioned piece I did (08):

My first Mini Munny figure (2007):

A desktop background I created with an old illustartion layered over some of my favourite album covers (2008):